Thursday, July 16, 2009


I found this profound statement today...and I thought it really applies to WW.

Falling down doesn't make you a failure, but staying down does.

Just thought I'd share!

A crazy week coming up!

How have you all been? I really feel horrible I haven't been writing as often! I really do try! ;-) My husband is gone for the week at a camp for our church, so it has been even crazier around here as I don't have him around to help! Makes you really appreciate your husband when he's gone!

So next week, we have a 4 day camping trip we are taking with some of our closest friends, and all our kids. There will be 12 kids under the age of 5! WOW! I'm really looking forward to it...that is...everything but the food! Wanna see the food schedule?

Thursday - Chicken Alfredo ( the best in the world, but probably about 20 points a cup! ;-)

Friday -
Breakfast - ????
Lunch - Strombolis
Dinner - Tacos
Snack - Smores / Peach Cobbler

Saturday -
Breakfast - Eggs/Bacon
Lunch - Hot dogs
Dinner - Pulled Pork
Snack - Smores / Nachos and cheese

Not really sure yet!!

Oh yeah, and everyone has to bring a couple dozen or so cookies or brownies, and snacks. There is just something about always end up eating alot! I'm going to try to bring some substitutes for the Arnold Sandwich thins for sandwichs, hot dog rolls, pulled pork rolls, and 1 point wraps for the tacos. I'll bring some FF hot dogs, and maybe some turkey bacon. I've just been doing so well as of late, that I don't want to throw it all away in a 4 day weekend!!!

Tonight is WI. I'm not sure how I am going to do, because I have other issues that are effecting my weight today, but hopefully I'll at least stay the same, which means I did lose some. Know what I mean? :-) I will let you all know!

Sorry this was not very enlightening! Have an awesome day!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Problems...and the holiday!

Sorry I haven't posted...I was having a problem with Blogger and it wouldn't let me sign on for some reason! Weird! is July 4th! I must say, I love celebrating the holiday for the REAL reason, our independence, but I wish there was not so much food involved with the day. I'm really going to try my best to make good choices though....My goal weight is still 13 pounds away...and I STILL want to be there by September if at all possible. Sigh....anyways....I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with friends and family!