Friday, December 11, 2009


I'm sorry it's been SO long since I've posted! Life has been busy! I've had great weeks on plan, and HORRIBLE weeks, eating everything in sight! Isn't that just how life is?
I have great news though! I just found out today, and I am expecting baby #3 in August 2010! We are so excited! Although I would have loved to be thinner before I got pregnant, I'm still just as thrilled that God gave us this baby in His timing! I guess I won't be really blogging on a "weight loss" blog anymore, since I'll be blowing up bigger and bigger, lol, but I will post time to time to update you all, and I will be back in September 2010 to lose all the baby weight! :-) Hope you all are doing great!

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  1. Hey ... Congrats on the baby news.... I just had my little guy 7 months ago. Looking forward to hearing updates... :)